In the name of the Wisest Architect
Undoubtedly, in today industrialized world coordination of organizational structure of companies is one of the most challenging issues facing engineering and construction companies and this important issue is not possible without creating modern management, economic, cultural and urban development patterns. We are pleased that after passing 30 years, the name of Hamrah Sanaat Company makes a dramatic change in the construction industry as Material and Civil Engineering Company and this goal can only be achieved by effective participation of the specialists of this complex. Obviously, preserving past achievements as well as aligning with developments of the modern world requires a comprehensive attitude toward aspects of strategic management, making the construction and engineering services knowledge-based, empowering manpower and improving software and hardware tools.It is hoped that this company can take an important step toward promotion of the highly goals of Hamrah Sanaat Company by enjoying the experiences of this company on one hand and a decade of my executive experience in the field of management, supervision, implementation of construction projects, control and quality assurance of Oil and Gas Industry Projects on the other hand.
Hamrah Sanaat Company plans to make the company one of the best companies among the domestic and international engineering-based contractual company by promoting public culture about specialized and basic architectural engineering, improving quality and quantity from the stage of idea to implementation, managing the cost and time in framework of contract management, and increasing the market share of this company in the field of civil and structure in Iranian Industries and Mine through continuous


Hamrah Sanaat Company Name
Engineering and Construction Company Type
Mr Alireza Nayyeri CEO name
۱۴/۷/۱۹۸۵۴ Registration date